Green clay helps to think!



The world of thought is closely related to the light sphere. The thought is for its nature bright, crystalline, luminous. The main component of clay is silica, a mineral that has a very close relationship with the world of light. The minerals of silica, among which tourmaline, quartz, amethyst, can be considered like the eyes of our planet, such as those sense organs whose function is related to the presence of light. The earth looks at the nature, at us and at the space, through these precious stones, its sight organ.
A mask with green clay applied on the head carries out many functions:

  • it absorbs free radicals
  • it regulates the scalp sebum
  • it absorbs the dirt on hair and scalp
  • it strengthens the hair
  • it stimulates the hair bulb
  • it prevents the hair falling off
  • it makes the hair grow again like it happened to the King of Morocco
  • but above all it helps to think

Clay is a source of ideas because it is a source of light. Instead of the mask, for practical reasons, you can use Argital Shampoo for greasy, normal or delicate hair, that contains green clay.

During the hair washing the clay contained in the shampoo lightens the head and new ideas start to emerge.Try it!

Citazione dal Blog del Dott. Ferraro. Riportato il 08 aprile 2013

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